Saturday, October 15, 2005

Are the miniature clown cars in jeopardy too?

MEPs call for common EU circus policy
The European parliament is set to vote on a report calling for standardised rules for circuses performing across the continent.

MEPs suggest circuses should be referred to as part of Europe's cultural heritage, but they disagree on whether they should include presentation of animals or not…..

In a bid to avoid a debate - which would in any case be outside the scope of the education and culture parliamentary committee - its MEPs voted down all references to animal welfare.

However, the document still contains a clause, suggesting "it would be desirable for it to be recognised that the classical circus, including the presentation of animals, forms part of Europe's culture"….
These are the same fools who what to “share the responsibility of overseeing the Internet” with the United States.

(nod to: lgf & EU ROTA )


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