Tuesday, November 01, 2005

S. S. Minnow with the Nutty Professor aboard
Greenpeace to be fined as Rainbow Warrior damages Philippines coral reef

TUBBATAHA REEFS, Philippines (AFP) - Greenpeace is to be fined after its flagship Rainbow Warrior II damaged a coral reef in the central Philippines during a climate change awareness campaign, marine park rangers said.

The ship and its crew were assessed a 640,000-peso (11,600-dollar) fine after the 55-meter (180-foot) motor-assisted schooner ran aground at the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park on Monday, park manager Angelique Songco told AFP.

The ship's bow sliced through a reef formation measuring 160 square meters (1,722 square feet)[Ed. – about the size of your average condo], she added….

[Greenpeace campaign manager Red] Constantino said that Greenpeace divers on the Tubbataha expedition had found that[sic] healthy coral and no evidence of bleaching, believed to be caused by warming sea temperatures.

Constantino said the healthy state of the Tubbataha Reefs did not disprove the theory of global warming, which he described as an "extremely complicated science."


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