Saturday, November 12, 2005

In the 'Island of France,' the torching of $1 million worth of vehicles per night is normal!!?
Police Guard Paris Treasures From Rioters

PARIS - Some 3,000 police fanned out around Paris on Saturday to prevent any attempts to attack high-profile targets such as the Eiffel Tower after a 16th straight night of unrest and arson…

Clashes erupted in Lyon before the curfew took effect, with youths hurling stones at riot police Saturday evening in the city's historic Place Bellecour. Riot police fired tear gas and the youths quickly dispersed, LCI television reported.

Police were posted in suburban trains and at strategic points around the capital, where public gatherings considered risky were banned until Sunday morning. The ban followed calls for "violent actions" posted on numerous Internet blogs and in text messages on cell phones.

"This is not a rumor," said National Police Chief Michel Gaudin. The famed Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees avenue were among potential targets, he said….

"We returned to an almost normal situation in Ile de France [Island of France]," said Gaudin, referring to the Paris region. He said that 86 vehicles were burned, which he said was about normal.

Some perspective

The MSM has purposefully downplayed the “riots” in France. And while the violence and arson continues apace, the reporting has vanished from American newspapers' front pages and all but disappeared from our nightly news broadcasts.

The MSM has an agenda, and what is happening in France leaves their schema in shreds.

Were their reporting objective and comprehensive, this is what the American public would know:

Nearly 9,000 cars and buses have been torched; more than two hundred public and private buildings have been gutted by fire; over 300 police and firefighting personnel have been injured; and over 2,000 “rioters” have been arrested and incarcerated. There are 12,000 police officers deployed to deal solely with the “emergency.”

Were this happening in the United States, an equivalent spread (count, width and breath of the country) of the violence from a Washington D.C. epicenter would be:

Burlington, VT
Boston, MA
Albany, NY
New York, NY
Buffalo, NY
Columbus, OH
Toledo, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI
Des Moines, IA
Minneapolis, MN
Fargo, ND
Washington, D.C.
Bethesda, MD
Silver Spring, MD
Potomac, MD
Wheaton, MD
Takoma Park, MD
College Park, MD
Greenbelt, MD
New Carrollton, MD
Seat Pleasant, MD
Suitland, MD
Temple Hills, MD
Camp Springs, MD
Hillcrest Heights, MD
District Heights, MD
Arlington, VA
Alexandria, VA
Falls Church, VA
Tysons Corners, VA
McLean, VA
Franconia, VA
Vienna, VA
Springfield, VA
Birmingham, AL
Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL
Nashville, TN
Richmond, VA
Raleigh, NC
Biloxi MI
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Billings, MT
Boise, ID
Denver, CO
Provo, UT
Casper, WY
Spokane, WA
Portland, OR
Sacramento, CA
San Francisco, CA
Las Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Reno, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Albuquerque, NM

Friday, November 11, 2005

Who’s your Daddy?
French Stage Sit-In to Protest Violence

President Jacques Chirac acknowledged Thursday that France must confront the social inequalities and prejudice that has fueled the violence — France's worst since the 1968 student-worker uprising.

"There is a need to respond strongly and rapidly to the undeniable problems faced by many residents of underprivileged neighborhoods around our cities," Chirac said.

"Whatever our origins, we are all the children of the Republic, and we can all expect the same rights.”

Build it, warm it, stuff it

Chinese Try to Build Better Bra

Warm, Fuzzy Winter Bra Unveiled in Japan

Woman Arrested for Stuffing Bird Into Bra

I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts*

Swedish regional government 1986: We don’t know that the animal exists, but if it does we’re going to protect it, as it is very likely the only one of its kind.

Swedish regional government 2005: Since we can’t prove the animal exists it is silly to have it on the endangered species list; thus we're reversing our decision and removing it from the list. You are free to kill it if it exists.

* - Will Rogers

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The other ‘I’ drops

But it comes in the Washington Times, certainly not a mouthpiece for liberal/”progressive” thought, viewed with disdain by the “mainstream” press.
Rioters are Muslims, but don't say it

Alexis Debat, a former French government counterterrorism analyst, says the ringleaders are "hard-core delinquents" from impoverished Muslim neighborhoods that surround many French cities. They have criminal records that include petty theft, vandalism and drug dealing, but investigators say they see few obvious links to fundamentalist Islamic movements that have declared war on the West.

"This is a problem of poverty and opportunity, not a problem of Islam," he says, noting that there were fewer incidents in neighborhoods where radical Muslim organizations were strongest.

But Mr. Debat says the ringleaders have been joined in the streets by a much larger group of second-generation North African and Arab immigrants who are turning to Islam because they feel alien both in France and their ancestral homes.

"The only possible identification left for many of them is Islam," he said. "They feel betrayed by France, and I don't blame them…"

[The rioters] complain of rough intimidation by the French police, condemning as "blasphemy" the tear-gas bomb fired at a mosque in Clichy-sous-Bois, the Parisian suburb where some of the first riots took place, for which a government official has apologized. Rioters, for their part, have torched synagogues and churches to cries of "Allahu akbar" -- the Arabic slogan, "God is great."

One ‘I’ word down, one to go
French Cities Impose Curfews to Stop Riots

The violence started Oct. 27 among youths in the northeastern Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis angry over the accidental deaths of two teenagers, but grew into a nationwide insurrection of arson and clashes with police…

A 12-day state of emergency went into effect Wednesday. For much of France — including the city of Paris — it had no perceptible effect.

That such extraordinary measures were needed, however, has fueled national introspection about France's failure to integrate its African and Muslim minorities — seen as a key reason behind the rioting. Rioters included the French-born children of immigrants from France's former colonies…

[Interior Minister Nicolas] Sarkozy, who previously inflamed passions by referring to suburban troublemakers as "scum," said 120 foreigners have been convicted in connection with the violence. He ordered local authorities to expel them.
Much to the chagrin of the American MSM, Molotov cocktails have burned away France’s facade of “model” integration, revealing endemic racism. And while this comes as a great shock to those in the US who inanely place European democratic socialism up on a pedestal, it was no surprise to those living that existence on the outskirts of Paris. So one wonders what attracted those “120 foreigners” to race segregated suburban ghettos where 2 in 5 under-twenty-five males are unemployed.

Don’t be surprised when “religious leaders” step forward to provide help in “restoring order,” and subsequently demand a piece of France. That’s when the media coverage will finally have to deal with the second ‘I’ word.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Open skull, pour in political correctness, displacing brain



Meanwhile, overseas, France is engulfed in an 11th straight night of riots with no end in sight. Today, schools, a church, and hundreds of vehicles across the country were torched. Chris Burns is in Paris, where the violence spread this weekend. Chris?

CHRIS BURNS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Carol, the number of vehicles at this point torched overnight, some 700. The night is not quite over yet. More than 30 police injured, two of them seriously…

But even after what Chirac said, we're seeing more violence. What you could point out, though, is that there - at this point, about half as many vehicles torched as the night before. So you might call that progress, Carol.

LIN: Hard to say because it's been 11 days since two African-American teenagers were killed, electrocuted during a police chase, which prompted all of this… [Ed. – strange, it was reported elsewhere that those two were of Mauritanian and Tunisian descent, i.e., from countries that used to be French colonies]

Here’s a question that might cause Ms. Lin a few synaptic misfires: Is a person born in the U.S. of white South African immigrant parents, an African-American?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who’s kidding who?
Riots spread across borders

"These people seem to have no realization whatsoever of what the government has just announced," said Jean-Christophe Carme, head of a police union who had been calling for a curfew since the second day of rioting.

"It's obvious by these continuing acts of violence tonight that there is a total rupture between certain French youths and the state. There is no dialogue at all."

Cabinet ministers were to meet this morning to clear the way for local government officials, known as prefects, to impose the curfews. The procedures for such action were set out in a 1955 law enacted during the Algerian war, the last time such curfews were put in place.

Mr. de Villepin also said an additional 1,500 police and gendarmes would be brought in to reinforce the 8,000 officers deployed.

He also announced that the government will accelerate by 18 months its plan to renovate poor urban areas and triple the number of scholarships granted to students in the most troubled neighborhoods. [Ed. - might be a day late and a dollar short]

Despite calls by police unions for army intervention, however, Mr. de Villepin ruled out bringing in the military, saying, "We have not reached that point."

Yes, the French military has not been mobilized, but the number of police deployed, 9,500, is equivalent in size to a US Army division.

Wishin', and hopin', and prayin'

French Hope Curfews Bring End to Unrest

PARIS -President Jacques Chirac declared a state of emergency Tuesday, paving the way for curfews to be imposed on riot-hit cities and towns in an extraordinary measure to halt France's worst civil unrest in decades after 12 nights of violence.

Police, meanwhile, said overnight unrest Monday-Tuesday, was still widespread and destructive but not as violent as previous nights.

"The intensity of this violence is on the way down," National Police Chief Michel Gaudin said, citing fewer attacks on public buildings and fewer direct clashes between youths and police. He said rioting was reported in 226 towns across France, compared with nearly 300 the night before…[Ed. – 4 down, 226 to go]

Nationwide, vandals burned 1,173 cars overnight, compared with 1,408 vehicles Sunday-Monday, police said. A total of 330 people were arrested, down from 395 the night before. [Ed. – it’s exhausting work, running rampant with Molotov cocktails. Those bottles are heavy]

Local officials "will be able to impose curfews on the areas where this decision applies," Chirac said at a Cabinet meeting. "It is necessary to accelerate the return to calm." [Ed. – as opposed to what, waiting till the “youths” run out of gasoline?]

Monday, November 07, 2005

Who knew?
Rioting Threatens France's Tourism Image

PARIS - The Eiffel Tower. A crisp Chablis savored in a Paris cafe. Rioting. Flames. Shots fired at police. And now, a death. [Ed.- not to mention: 6,000+ torched cars and buses, hundreds of gutted public and private buildings, and over 100 injured police and firemen]

Violence shaking the suburbs of French cities is threatening the country's carefully cultivated image as one of the world's favored travel destinations. [Ed. – this may be the press understatement of the month, and it’s only the 7th]

Still, the nation's tourism minister, in an interview Monday with The Associated Press, said he felt that the international media was exaggerating the violence.

"You get the impression that France is awash with flames and blood, which is not at all the case," said the minister, Leon Bertrand. "You cannot deny the images, but there are images and images." [Ed. – and there is out to lunch and Out-To-Lunch]

The issue is crucial for France because tourism is a vital sector of the economy, contributing nearly 7 percent of gross domestic product and sustaining, either directly or indirectly, 2 million jobs, Bertrand said. France welcomed 75 million tourists in 2004, a boost for a country struggling with nearly 10 percent unemployment [Ed - for males under 25, it’s 28%; for those living in the areas experiencing the “unrest,” it’s nearly 40%] and sluggish growth.

"If we note next week that it is continuing, then we might, at that time, be justified in asking ourselves questions. But that is not the case at the moment," the minister said. [Ed. – by then the accumulated fumes from burning gasoline and the stench of burning tires might provide the answer]

Sunday, November 06, 2005

How much of the Fourth Estate has become a fifth column?

This post has nothing to do with stupidity or dim-witted reporting.

I’ve excerpted nothing from these articles for they should be read in their entirety.

Is Jimmy Massey telling the truth about Iraq?
By Ron Harris
Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau

Why did the press swallow Massey's stories?
By Ron Harris
Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of dumb
Cruise ship thwarts pirates off Somalia

MIAMI -- Pirates firing rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons tried to hijack a U.S.-owned cruise ship yesterday off the East African coast, but the vessel carrying many American passengers escaped, its owners said.

Two boats full of pirates approached the Seabourn Spirit about 100 miles off the Somali coast and opened fire, while the heavily armed bandits tried to get onboard, said Bruce Good, spokesman for the Miami-based Seabourn Cruise Line, a subsidiary of Carnival Corp…

"I looked out of the window and saw a small boat with about five people in it about 20 yards away," said Norman Fisher, 55, a passenger.

"The crew responded with a trained response that they do to keep people from getting on the ship. They managed to evade them, repel them and keep them off the ship," Mr. Good said.

The 440-foot-long, 10,000-ton cruise ship, which is registered in the Bahamas, sustained minor damage, he said.

"There were some windows broken, nothing that affected seaworthiness," Mr. Good said. "The crew did an excellent job, and those guys gave up. ... These guys didn't plan this too well."

"There were at least three rocket-propelled grenades that hit the ship, one in a stateroom," Mrs. Laird wrote. "We had no idea that this ship could move as fast as it did and [the captain] did his best to run down the pirates."

"The captain tried to run one of the boats over, but they were small boats, about 25 feet long," [Canadian passenger Mike Rogers] said. "Each one had four or five people on it, and [the captain] said he was going to do anything to keep them from getting onboard."
Who knew a ship with thousands of horsepower (and a lot to spare) could outrun two overloaded 25-foot outboard-powered boats on the high sea?

Riots do not have an on-and-off switch.

Further, riots are not dusk to dawn affairs. And the MSM isn’t getting any closer to what’s going on in France by calling it “unrest.”
13 Cars Torched As Unrest Reaches Paris

PARIS - The urban unrest that triggered scores of arson attacks on vehicles, nursery schools and other targets across France reached the capital overnight, with police saying early Sunday that 13 cars were burned.
And because the MSM has labeled the Islamic terrorists and fascist thugs in Iraq “insurgents,” they are at a loss to describe the Muslim “youths” setting France ablaze.

By my count from press reports, in the last 10 days over 2,000 cars and buses have been torched, as well as scores of businesses and dozens of public buildings. And the “unrest,” that started in the suburbs of Paris, has scattered to the four corners of the French state. Ominously, the French government, both at the local and national level, seems paralyzed and unable to respond.

Now, that is insurrection.