Thursday, January 26, 2006

Frey: The Devil made me do it
Oprah Challenges Author of Disputed Memoir

CHICAGO (AP) -- Oprah Winfrey challenged author James Frey over his disputed memoir, asking him on a live telecast of her show Thursday to explain why he "felt the need to lie."

"It is difficult for me to talk to you because I really feel duped ... but more importantly I feel that you betrayed millions of readers," Winfrey said to Frey, who wrote the hugely popular "A Million Little Pieces."

Frey's story of substance abuse and recovery became one of the best-selling books of 2005 after Winfrey named it to her book club last fall, with countless addicts citing it as inspiration. It was originally published in 2003.

The memoir began to unravel earlier this month when an investigative piece on The Smoking Gun Web site ( ) challenged some of the facts in the book, including Frey's assertion that he once spent three months in prison…

Frey acknowledged to King that he had embellished parts of the book, and he told Winfrey Thursday that the same demons that fueled his addictions caused him to mischaracterize himself

His publisher, Doubleday, said last week that Frey was writing a brief author's note for future editions of "A Million Little Pieces."

Presumably, the note will include a picture of Beelzebub menacing Frey.


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