Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Irrational fuss over a putz

I don’t get it.

The right-of-center blogs are frazzled about Joel Stein’s piece Warriors and wusses which begins “I DON'T SUPPORT our troops.”

I guess most of these bloggers have not previously read any of Joel Stein’s work. That’s understandable, he’s a one-article-read, i.e., you read him once but never again. Heretofore, I couldn’t have imagined anyone saying, “Hey, did you see Stein’s piece in the Times today?”

But now people are.

The guy is a self-absorbed dolt with a sophomoric sense of humor. And, for denigrating the men and women in our military, the conservative blogosphere has just fulfilled his biggest fantasy: His ‘15 minutes’ of fame.

My grandmother had a more enlightented reaction to the likes of Stein. She'd say, "Just consider the source."


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