Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jackson: Give evacuees government housing and they’ll be tripping all over themselves to come back to work to rebuild NOLA
Jesse Jackson Plans Katrina Protest March

Many of its residents remain scattered in temporary housing across the country, while workers from Eastern Europe and Latin America have taken rebuilding jobs, Jackson said. [Ed. – Strange how those workers were able to find a place to live]

"Why must people here look at people coming in from out of the country to do the work? That is humiliating," he said. [Ed. – maybe they should stop looking and start doing] "There are no jobs that cannot be done by the people who once lived here."

The government's failure to quickly provide temporary housing closer to New Orleans not only has prevented the displaced from getting jobs at home, Jackson said, but also has made it more difficult to follow campaigns and vote in already-delayed elections, now rescheduled for late April. [Ed. - if the military stationed overseas can file an absentee ballot, it shouldn't be that hard for someone living in a hotel in Dallas]
Interesting that the subject suddenly shifted from jobs to voting. This is not the first time Jesse has alluded to a voting “problem.”


An RCP blog post (which links to a Thomas Sowell column) offers some additional perspective


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