Tuesday, February 28, 2006

But reading is like, you know, like, totally lame
Study: Reading Key to College Success

WASHINGTON (AP) -- One major factor separates high school graduates who are ready for college from those who aren't, a new study shows: how well students handle complex reading…

The ACT isolated reading complexity as a critical factor by analyzing the results of the 1.2 million high school seniors in 2005 who took the well known ACT college entrance test.

Based on that test, only 51 percent of students showed they were ready to handle the reading requirements of a typical first-year college course. The literacy of today's high school graduates has become an enormous concern for colleges and employers...
The broad and abject ignorance of today’s high school ‘graduates’ is also in the mix. And while scholarship, knowledge, literacy and achievement may be lacking, self-esteem abounds.


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