Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coleen Rowley: I saw it, but I didn’t see it.

If one is to believe Rowley then one must believe that a women who
  1. was approving the content and appeal of what is in essence a campaign brochure to be seen by thousands of potential voters,
  2. has a daughter, brother and brother-in-law that served in the military,
  3. was trained by the FBI not to miss a trick,
did not recognize a WWII German military uniform and its implications.
Rowley issues apology to Rep. John Kline over his depiction on website

WASHINGTON - Rep. John Kline demanded and got an apology Monday from his Democratic rival, Coleen Rowley, for a doctored picture on her campaign website depicting him as Colonel Klink, a bumbling Nazi prison camp commandant in an old TV comedy series.

Kline said in a letter to Rowley that the photo crossed "the line of civility, respect and common decency" and was an offense "to every veteran."

"Your attempts to smear my good name and 25 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps by equating me to a Nazi shows a lack of perspective, a lack of seriousness and a lack of good judgment," he wrote to Rowley. "You should be ashamed of yourself…"

Rowley had the photo removed from her website and took steps to apologize personally. She said an unpaid volunteer prepared the blog, and she approved it without making the Nazi connection.

Rather, she said she focused instead on the message that Kline, a retired Marine Corps colonel, was "incompetent" like Klink, a Nazi colonel easily fooled by his American prisoners in the TV series "Hogan's Heroes."

Rowley called the blog "excellent," and said it is "written by one of our best volunteers."

Rowley, a retired FBI agent, said she would phone Kline to apologize.

"I'm going to say that ... it was in bad taste. ... This was a Nazi uniform and I didn't grasp that impact, and I apologize for any bad feeling that he got from that," she said in a phone interview. "But I would not apologize for thinking that his representation of our [Second] district has been incompetent. I think that many, many things that John Kline has uttered have been incorrect."
If, in fact, Rowley is sincere and she didn’t make the connection then she is not in any position to call anyone incompetent.


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