Monday, February 20, 2006

Did somebody hit Jimmy upside the head with his Nobel Peace Prize?

Jimmy Carter has a “column” in today’s WaPo: Don't Punish the Palestinians

After reading the former president’s trip through fantasyland, I have a few questions.
  1. Has Hamas renounced its stated (and chartered) goal of the violent elimination of Israel?
  2. Given the hundreds of millions of aid dollars annually pumped into the Palestinian Authority, Gaza and the West Bank, why is the PA $900 million in debt?
  3. The customs revenue came about because the PA was land-locked and surrounded by Israel. Now that the PA has Gaza why can’t they import their goods there, collecting their levied duties on their own?
  4. Nine of the 74 Hamas members elected to the parliament were, and remain, in jail for murder and terrorism. The “beleaguered” Palestinian people knowingly and purposefully elected these criminals to office. At what point, Jimmy, does the rational world finally say, “Morons, thugs, and homicidal maniacs are what they are and should be treated as such?”


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