Monday, February 06, 2006

Liber saves Islamofascists the trouble and ‘burns’ own books
Swedish publisher withdraws textbook

Stockholm, Feb. 6 (UPI) — A Swedish publishing company Monday withdrew a religious textbook because it contains two images of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The book published by Liber was aimed at intermediate-level high school students, The Local reported.

The pictures were taken from a 14th century Persian manuscript and a 13th century Iraqi manuscript. The book was published in 1993.

The actions coincide with a series of demonstrations around the world protesting newspaper cartoons depicting Mohammed as a terrorist. A statement published by Liber on its Web site made no mention of the controversy.
The Burning of the Books
A significant event that occurred on May 10, 1933, in Germany was the burning of the books. Although this event affected many people in Germany and around the world, it is explained in only one or two paragraphs in most books. When one reads about the book burning in the novel Stones from the River, many questions about the event arise: Why did the event occur? Which authors were targeted? Who organized the burning? What were the reactions of people around the world? And how does knowledge of the event help the reader understand the novel Stones from the River?

The goal of the burning of the books, according to The History Place, was to rid Germany of any book that contained “unGerman ideas” and, therefore, was unfit to read. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, stated, “The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character” (qtd in “May 10, 1933”). This burning was the beginning of a cleansing process, and Marianne Zebrowski claims that it was “only the beginning of Hitler’s attempts to control the minds of the German people” (26)....
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