Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More than a few tongue depressors short of a gross

Have you gone to a hospital or doctor’s office recently and left shaking your head, wondering if health care administrative staffs are dominated by GED program wash-outs?

If you’re nodding ‘Yes’ as you read this then count Amy Spurling, manager of finance at a Massachusetts bank, as a kindred spirit.
Brigham sent bank new moms’ records

A world-renowned Hub hospital has been mistakenly faxing confidential patient information — including the results of tests for sexually transmitted diseases — to a Boston investment bank despite repeated attempts by the bank to stop it.

Nearly every week for the past six months, the bank has received the personal medical records of three to four women who had just given birth, sent by fax from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The private data of nearly 30 patients has been faxed to the bank, which has asked not to be identified…

Spurling, who shredded all the hospital faxes, said yesterday that she had called Brigham and Women’s Hospital about a dozen times in the past six months. The latest patient record was faxed to the bank yesterday.


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