Friday, February 17, 2006

The MSM filter

Apparently, the ‘crack’ NY Times photographers and WABC camerapersons aren’t really that good. Their reports (including video at WABC website) don’t provide any photos of the peaceful protesters. Not to worry was on the job. The pictures there are quite a contrast to the MSM reports that follow below.
About 1,000 Muslims Protest Cartoons at U.N.

About 1,000 Muslims held a peaceful rally and prayed in a park near the United Nations today to protest the dozen caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, originally published in a newspaper in Denmark, that have set off a series of violent demonstrations around the world...

Muslim protestors gather at Danish consulate

(New York -WABC, February 17, 2006) - The global protests over published cartoons depicting the profit Mohammed come to New York City today. At this hour a peaceful demonstration is getting underway outside the Danish consulate...


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