Friday, February 10, 2006

No US birth cert. or naturalization papers or passport w/ visa or green card? Adios.

Doesn’t seem that complicated to me.
Ariz. Weighs Options for Border Patrol

PHOENIX (AP) -- As public frustration grows over the state's porous border with Mexico, the once-rejected notion of using state police to supplement federal patrols is gaining traction.

One state lawmaker's plan includes $20 million for the Arizona Department of Public Safety to run a 100-member squad to operate surveillance equipment, construct border barriers, target drug and immigrant smugglers and perhaps patrol the border…

Opponents say racial profiling could increase if officers unfamiliar with immigration law began trying to enforce it. They also say investigating crime in immigrant communities could become more difficult, because fewer migrants would cooperate with police for fear of being sent home. [Ed. - conversely, if the illegal were in Mexico he wouldn't be a victim of crime in the "immigrant community"] Local officers also lack understanding of complex immigration law, they say. [Ed. - see above]

"I liken it to police officers pulling over people and asking for their tax returns," said Michele Waslin, director of immigration policy research for the National Council of La Raza, a group that promotes Hispanic issues.

Actually, asking for tax returns wouldn’t be such a bad idea. How many illegals do you think pay taxes or file a return?


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