Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Priced to Languish

I take long walks on days I know I won’t make it to the pool to swim. Early this morning, I encountered two front yard ‘For Sale’ signs that have been altered since last I saw them. Both signs, posted by different real estate agents (and brokers), now have metal ‘Priced to Sell’ banners hanging below the main body.

I’ve had occasion to buy and sell several homes and I’ve come to believe that real estate agents, taken as a whole or at least in AL, CA, GA, MA, and MD, are not the sharpest knives in the drawer (save one agent I commissioned, who was brilliant).

How obtuse (and I suppose desperate) do you have to be to affix a ‘Priced to Sell’ banner to your 'For Sale' sign?

What also struck me was the nature and method of how the banner was fastened. It was of a piece of the standard added-value banners hung on many residential real estate signs, such as, ‘Pool’, ‘New Kitchen’, ‘Golf Course View’, ‘Must See Interior’, Home Warranty’, etc.

The absence of anyone of those banners doesn’t detract from a house’s ‘curb appeal’ but the sudden appearance of the inane ‘Priced to Sell’ conjures up dealing with a dim-witted selling agent or noncommittal owner or both. One envisions the ‘Price to Sell’ having replaced ‘Ridiculously Overpriced’ or perhaps ‘Not Really For Sale’.


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