Thursday, February 09, 2006

We don’t need no stinking free speech
EU mulls media code after cartoon protests

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday.

In an interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said the charter would encourage the media to show "prudence" when covering religion.

"The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression," he told the newspaper. "We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right…"

The code would be drawn up by the European Commission, the EU executive body, and European media outlets, [Frattini] said. It would not have legal status.

The EU's foreign policy chief Javier Solana is to travel to Arab and Muslim countries in an attempt to calm the anger caused by the cartoons.
My predictions about appeasement were way off. All it took was some imams shouting, “BOO.”


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