Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Detroit school district: Takes money from the ineffectual and gives it to the inept
Teachers' Protest Closes Detroit Schools

DETROIT (AP) -- Hundreds of Detroit teachers stayed home Wednesday, forcing more than 50 schools to close in what school officials described as a sick-out to protest a temporary pay cut.

The teachers are upset because some principals are getting raises while they are giving up five days of pay to help balance the district's budget, district spokeswoman Mattie Majors said.

School officials estimated that 1,500 of the district's 10,000 teachers were out sick Wednesday, and said it forced 53 schools to close. Administrators and substitutes were sent to fill in, said Lekan Oguntoyinbo, another schools' spokesman...

Detroit school reform falters
After five years under state control, Detroit Public Schools is falling behind other urban failing districts on state tests, and just as many students don’t finish high school…

NEA Study: Michigan Teachers Paid Above National Average
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Michigan public school teachers earn an average salary of nearly $57,000 a year, about $10,000 higher than most of their counterparts across the country, according to a study conducted by the largest teachers union in the nation. That represents a 2.6 percent increase over the previous year, putting Michigan fourth nationally, behind only Connecticut, the District of Columbia and California…

Michigan ranked among the top 10 states in the country in total expenditures on public education, moving from ninth to eighth this year. A 3 percent increase took that amount from $18.7 billion to $19.2 billion, according to the report. Michigan remained fourth nationally in total public education revenues from state government, with a 4.3 percent increase from $12.4 billion to $12.9 billion...


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