Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dumber than a bag of doorknobs

In today’s Chicago Tribune.
Card out as White House chief of staff, administration official says

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten, an administration official said Tuesday.

President Bush was expected to announce the shake up during a meeting with reporters with reporters [sic] later Tuesday morning in the Oval Office of the White House…

Bush decided during a weekend stay at Camp David, Md., to accept Card's resignation and to name Bolten as his replacement, said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to pre-empt [sic] the president[Ed. – Think about that (the concept highlighted in red). There’s a idiot in the mix here; it’s either the source if s/he actually offered that as a reason or the reporter for characterizing it thus]


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