Monday, March 06, 2006

I have a better plan…

Revoke the UN’s charter and disband it.

Can you imagine the systemic fraud and corruption if the current UN management “relocat[ed] certain administrative functions to lower-cost countries?”
Annan Wants U.N. to Consider Outsourcing

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Secretary-General Kofi Annan will ask U.N. member states to consider outsourcing some U.N. operations as part of an overhaul of the world body's management, according to an outline of his proposed reforms obtained by The Associated Press.

Annan's reform report, which is expected to be released Tuesday, calls for creating "a truly mobile international civil service" for the United Nations, whose management came under heavy criticism during the recent oil-for-food scandal and revelations of widespread sexual abuse by U.N. peacekeepers…

The report does not contain concrete proposals for outsourcing, according to the outline of key points obtained over the weekend. But Annan wants the General Assembly "to free up" existing limitations so outsourcing can be considered.

"We are particularly interested in exploring the benefits of possibly relocating certain administrative functions to lower-cost countries, but we will need to undertake a detailed cost/benefit analysis in each case," the document said, without giving specifics…

The United States has been pushing for a major management overhaul that would give the secretary-general more power and flexibility. But the 191-member General Assembly, dominated by developing countries, controls the U.N.'s purse strings and is not expected to give up any power easily.

The outline of the report stressed the dramatic expansion of U.N. operations in the past decade, including a fourfold increase in peacekeeping budgets and deployments since 1998.

Annan's report will call for $280 million annually to provide better pay and benefits for people in the field, where the U.N. Secretariat is having difficulty recruiting and training staff. The secretary-general will also request a doubling of funds for training and staff development "to address the significant under-investment over the years," the document said...


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