Sunday, March 26, 2006

Illegal aliens are now demanding legal status
500,000 Pack Streets to Protest Immigration Bills

A crowd estimated by police at more than 500,000 boisterously marched in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest federal legislation that would crack down on undocumented immigrants, penalize those who help them and build a security wall along the U.S.' southern border.

Spirited but peaceful marchers — ordinary immigrants alongside labor, religious and civil rights groups — stretched more than 20 blocks along Spring Street, Broadway and Main Street to City Hall, tooting kazoos, waving American flags and chanting, "Sí se puede!" (Yes we can!).

Attendance at the demonstration far surpassed the number of people who protested against the Vietnam War and Proposition 187, a 1994 state initiative that sought to deny public benefits to undocumented migrants but was struck down by the courts. Police said there were no arrests or injuries except for a few cases of exhaustion...
In the space of the first three paragraphs of their article, LA Times staff writers Teresa Watanabe and Hector Becerra characterize the illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants, ordinary immigrants, and undocumented migrants. Do you think Watanabe and Becerra might have a dog in the fight?

There was another 100,000 person ‘rally’ just two weeks ago in Chicago. And a month ago there were threats of retribution from illegal aliens in Maryland.

The number of illegal aliens currently within our borders is conservatively estimated at 12 million. Some perspective: that number exceeds the population of all but six of our states (California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas).

For most of its history, the United States has welcomed immigration. It is one of our strengths as a nation. But what’s happening now is not immigration, it is an invasion of people who knowingly and willfully commit a crime to enter the US and continue their lawlessness while here. They don’t pay income or social security taxes and have no intention of becoming citizens. They are not subject to health and background checks upon entry and, consequently, alien gang violence and communicable diseases, like tuberculosis, plague the communities where the illegals settle. Illegal aliens are draining the budgets of taxpayer funded social services, health services, and schools while sending much of the money they earn outside the United States.

Were I a long-haul Islamic fascist looking to destroy the United States I wouldn’t be preoccupied with bombs and WMD, I'd spend my time and energy figuring out ways to increase the flow of illegals into the US and then organize them in-country. Knocking down the Twin Towers in NYC will seem like chopping off a couple of fingers of the left hand compared to the metastasizing cancer that is this unfettered inflow of illegal aliens.

If ever there was an opportunity to instigate widespread civil unrest (if not anarchy) within our borders, rallying burgeoning ghettoes of illegal aliens may be it.


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