Friday, March 31, 2006

MD General Assembly Democrats: Blackmail, schmackmail - we’d sell our mothers to get re-elected.
State aims to halt utility merger

ANNAPOLIS -- The General Assembly yesterday sent to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s desk a bill that aims to leverage lower energy rates by halting a multibillion-dollar merger between a Florida utility company and the parent company of Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (BGE).

Florida Power & Light Co.'s proposed $11 billion merger with Constellation Energy Group this summer does not figure in BGE's 72 percent rate increase, which is expected to jolt the utility's 1.1 million customers beginning July 1.

But lawmakers, most of whom are seeking re-election, have threatened to delay the merger to persuade utility executives to lower the increase. The bill would establish a special counsel who would review utility mergers and report to lawmakers, thereby delaying the merger by at least a year…[Ed. – In other words, blackmail]

Power company executives have vowed to sue if the state interferes with the merger…

That the impending utility rate increase is as large as it is the fault of these self same Democrats in the legislature who are trying now to blame everybody but themselves. But ultimately the responsibility lies at the feet of the Maryland electorate. The Democrats count on the abject ignorance of their base in Maryland and are rarely disappointed.


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