Friday, March 24, 2006

One aftereffect of liberal courts

Long ago, with California leading the way, ‘progressive’ judges, in cahoots with activists for ‘the homeless’, ruled that institutionalizing indigent, mentally ill people violated their constitutional rights. The effect has been a further degraded life for these hapless human beings and the distribution of their misery to the whole of the ‘village’ – not unlike a hippie commune run amok.
L.A. Investigating Alleged Patient Dumping

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Authorities are examining a surveillance tape that shows an elderly woman wandering Skid Row in a hospital gown and slippers as they investigate the practice of hospitals and police agencies dumping homeless people downtown.

Carol Ann Reyes, 63, of Gardena, was taken from a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower on Monday to the downtown area known as Skid Row, authorities said.

A surveillance camera outside the Union Rescue Mission showed Reyes walking from the direction of a taxi that had just driven away. She wandered the street for about three minutes before a mission staff member brought her inside.

City officials have been looking into the alleged dumping of homeless people in Skid Row, a ramshackle area downtown.

Several hospitals have acknowledged that they put some discharged indigent patients with nowhere else to go into taxicabs headed to the area because it offers a chance for getting services and shelter…
And how will LA deal with its ‘dumping’ problem? They plan to build institutional facilities to temporarily house and treat the dumpees until they can be pawned off to some charity or other government band-aid.
Los Angeles County officials are also considering establishing five regional homeless centers in an attempt to reduce dumping, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

The regional homeless centers plan would spread the responsibility of caring for the homeless to suburbs instead of concentrating it downtown, the newspaper said. Each 30-bed center would operate 24-hours a day and would accept people from hospitals, police and care providers. The goal would be to find the resident permanent housing and services such as mental health and substance abuse treatment, officials said.

And as sure as you’re reading this, you can be certain that the activists will be in the mix demanding (with the treat of legal action) that the dumpee be 'set free' as soon as he/she has been treated and rejuvenated; only to start the cycle again.


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