Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sorry Ass Testers (SATs)
College Board Finds More SAT Score Errors

BOSTON (AP) -- The College Board apologized to high school students and college admissions offices after acknowledging that more students received mistakenly low scores on the SAT exam, a mistake discovered just as many students await college admission decisions.

The board disclosed Wednesday that 27,000 of 495,000 college entrance tests taken in October were not fully re-scanned for errors after scoring problems surfaced. When they were, an additional 375 students were found to have incorrectly low marks.

"We couldn't be more sorry for the total stress this has caused students and admissions officers, and families," said Chiara Coletti, a spokeswoman for the College Board…

The announcement brings to 4,411 the number of students who received incorrectly low scores. It is the latest in a string of embarrassing revelations for the College Board, the nonprofit organization that owns the exam, which said after discovering the 1,600 exams last week that it believed there would be no more problems…


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