Friday, March 31, 2006

Students and Unions to Chirac: Stick it in your ear, Jacques
Chirac Makes Some Concessions on Jobs Law

PARIS - President Jacques Chirac said Friday he would press ahead with a contentious labor law making it easier to fire workers, but he offered some concessions in hopes of calming furious protests that led to nationwide strikes.

Chirac said he would reduce a trial period during which employees could be summarily dismissed from two years to one, and he would require employers to offer reasons for the dismissal…

The concessions appeared to anger, not appease, opponents of the law, who wanted it scrapped altogether.

"We don't want to negotiate ... we don't want it at all," Bruno Julliard, head of the largest students' union, said on TF1 television. "The president had the chance to give a clear answer, which he didn't do."

The head of the Worker's Force union, Jean-Claude Mailly, said strikes already planned for next Tuesday should go ahead.

A modified law "is not what was asked for," he said…

Young workers face a 22 percent unemployment rate — the highest in Western Europe…[Ed. – it’s over 40% among the Muslim ‘youths’ who torched France last November]

Essentially, the French unions and students are not unlike sloths swiping at a family of distempered bears. Can anyone guess what’s going to happen when the injured bears overwhelm the zookeepers?


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