Thursday, March 30, 2006

We don’t need no stinking scores

In a conference room somewhere in the bowels of the District of Columbia government, two bureaucrats wearing ski masks and disguising their voices take a meeting in late 2004.

Bureaucrat A: “This ‘scorecard’ crap is eating our lunch.”

Bureaucrat B: “Agreed, but what can we do?”

A: “Stop keeping score.”

B (after having pondered the suggestion for several seconds): “Brilliant!”

17 months later
, DC’s press is all over it
Who's minding the score?

A signature initiative of D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams that was designed to let the public track the performance of city agencies has fallen into disrepair.

A series of "scorecards" rolled out in April 2000 and posted on the city's Web site, at, has not been updated since October 2004...


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