Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where aging rockers and actresses go to die
Anti-War Artists Give Benefit Concert

NEW YORK (AP) -- Michael Stipe [46], Susan Sarandon [60], Cindy Sheehan and others marked the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with a concert to benefit groups campaigning against the war.

Organizers of Monday night's "Bring 'Em Home Now!" concert said 3,000 tickets were sold. [Ed. – Interesting, the seating capacity is 2,500. If that’s a true count, the Fire Marshall should be informed]

"It's awesome to me because there are more and more kids getting involved," Sheehan said before the concert. [Ed. – Yeah, I’m sure most ‘kids’ would think the concert lineup and guest hosts were totally awesome]

Sarandon said artists were playing their part in the anti-war effort by attending the concert and through the movies Hollywood is producing.

"Look at `Syriana,' look at `Good Night, and Good Luck,'" Sarandon said of two recent films that deal with issues of war and censorship. [Ed. – Problem is, not many people “looked” at those two movies, they averaged 20 tickets sold per showing]

The actress, who said she was in talks to portray Sheehan in a film, said the activist "gave a face to all that was going on." [Ed. – Coming soon to a theater near you! - Vacant Eyes Playing Vacant Head]

Profits from the ticket sales will go to anti-war groups including Gold Star Families for Peace, which counts Sheehan among its founding members, and Veterans Against the War.


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