Friday, April 21, 2006

ABC reporter Wilf Dinnick: If the West doesn’t give money to Hamas, Hamas may never renounce terrorism
Reporter’s Notebook: Does Hamas Face Collapse?

JERUSALEM, Israel, April 21, 2006 — Hamas's refusal to condemn Israel's deadliest suicide bombing in 20 months was a sharp departure from the denunciation of terror from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Monday's attack, which killed nine other people and wounded dozens outside a packed Tel Aviv fast-food restaurant, was carried out by a bomber from the Islamic Jihad militant group. Hamas leaders defended the attack as a justified response to Israeli "aggression" against the Palestinians.

Hamas's response was in line with its refusal to give up its right to violence. Hamas leaders see it as an essential bargaining chip in future negotiations, one that it believes Abbas and late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat gave up too quickly and received nothing in return…[Ed. – Except the billions in foreign aid the Arafat stole]

Dinnick is the kind of dimwitted reporter who would note a decrease in a jurisdiction’s crime rate and chastise the government for an increase in criminal incarceration, oblivious to the obvious cause and effect in play.


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