Saturday, April 15, 2006

Europe updates its dictionaries
EU Removes 'Islamic Terrorism' from its Dictionary

The European Union (EU) also admitted that the concept of “Islamic terrorism” is misused by racist groups in Europe and terror networks such as al-Qaeda.

The Union, taking action to rid such expressions, which are offensive to Muslims, from its dictionary, searches for new concepts behind closed doors. The European bloc is expected to release its new dictionary in June.

Works are underway to eliminate the expression “Islamic terrorism” from the EU’s current dictionary…

Instead of expressions like “Islamic terrorism” and “Islamofascist,” a phrase the United States insistently uses, Brussels is trying to develop new concepts that will not cause offense to Muslims...
Other changes (shown in red below) will also be incorporated.
spine·less \'spIn-l&s\ adj.
1 : free from spines , thorns, or prickles
2 a : having no spinal column : INVERTEBRATE, b : lacking strength of character : see EUROPEAN UNION

cow·ard·ice \'kau(-&)r-d&s\ n.
: lack of courage or resolution : see EUROPEAN UNION

panty·waist \'pan-tE-"wAst\ n.


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