Monday, April 17, 2006

Hamas government: If Israeli Jews died then the attack was justified.
Palestinians: Tel Aviv Bombing Justified

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) -- A Palestinian suicide bomber struck a packed fast-food restaurant during Passover on Monday, killing nine other people and wounding dozens in the deadliest attack in more than a year.

In a sharp departure from the previous Palestinian government's condemnations of bombings, the Hamas-led administration said the attack resulted from Israel's "brutal aggression." The bloodshed and the hard-line stance could set the stage for harsh Israeli reprisals and endanger Palestinian efforts to secure desperately needed international aid…

The bomb, laced with nails and other projectiles, shattered car windshields, smashed windows of nearby buildings and blew away the restaurant's sign. Glass shards and blood splattered the ground. Police said the guard was torn in half by the blast.

The explosion killed a woman standing near her husband and children, who were slightly wounded, said Israel Yaakov, another witness.

"The father was traumatized. He went into shock. He ran to the children to gather them up, and the children were screaming, 'Mom! Mom!' and she wasn't answering, she was dead already," he said.

The wounded were treated on sidewalks. One man was lying on his side, his shirt pushed up and his back covered by bandages. A bleeding woman was wheeled away on a stretcher.

"Everything was a mess. Everything was blood. I saw half a body - I don't know if it was the terrorist or the guard," said a witness who gave his name as Bentzi.

Police said nine civilians and the bomber were killed and dozens of others were wounded…
As I stated in a previous post, Hamas: Give us a moment while we paint bull’s-eyes on our foreheads,
now that Hamas is the Palestinian government, condoned terrorism flowing from Gaza and directed at Israel becomes an overt state-sponsored act of war.

...the Palestinian nutters become a Middle Eastern version of Nazi Germany’s madmen but without the underlying organization and resources. It is not improbable that if the Palestinians initiate another round of suicide bombings and rocket attacks, Israel will turn large chunks of Gaza into parking areas.


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