Sunday, April 16, 2006

Iranian mullahs will bleed to death providing aid (we should be so lucky)

The Iranian government has pledged $50 million in financial aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government. This is the same Iran where 40% of its population lives in poverty, 12% of its workforce is unemployed, and its primary industrial goal is the acquisition of nuclear weapons.
Iran to Give Palestinian Authority $50M

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran will give the financially strapped Palestinian Authority $50 million in aid, state-run television reported Sunday…

Though Shiite Iran has a policy of exporting Islamic revolution, so far it has not fully embraced Hamas, which represents a largely Sunni Muslim population…

With its coffers empty, the Palestinian government already is two weeks late in paying March salaries for its 140,000 employees, and it is unclear when it will have the needed funds. The Palestinian Authority is the largest employer in the West Bank and Gaza, sustaining about one-third of the population...
While the average salary for a working Palestinian is $250 per month and the unemployment rate is 60%, you can be sure that the government employees, those are the masked guys toting guns and the suits driving Mercedes, are paid above the average.

$50 million doled out to 140,000 outstretched hands doesn’t go far (that’s $357 per person). I have a feeling that the average salary for an employee of the Palestinian Authority is more than $179 a week. Plus the ammo (that's the stuff the ‘police’ are constantly shooting into the air) for their Kalashnikovs isn’t cheap.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Iran will subsidize the Palestinian Authority and the ‘welfare’ programs (a multi-billion dollar drain annually) for their constituency.

But not to worry, the Russians are stepping into the breach.

If the Russians are our allies then smoking is good for your health.


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