Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Meet Jimmy Meadows, brainless pillar of the education establishment
Boy turns in knife but may still be expelled

A Far-Eastside couple say they are stunned that a Warren Township Schools principal suspended their son and recommended his expulsion for possession of a pocketknife even though he turned the knife in to the office as soon as he arrived at school…

Elliot, 14, said he was walking to the school entrance in the brisk weather March 3 and had placed his hands in his coat pocket when he felt the Swiss army pocketknife in the pocket.

"I went straight to the office right inside (the front door)," he said.

He said he handed the knife to Teri Donahue, the school's treasurer, and told her he had brought it to school by mistake.

As a result of Elliot's actions, the school's principal, Jimmy Meadows, suspended Elliot for the maximum 10 school days as allowed by law and recommended Elliot be expelled. A confidential expulsion hearing is scheduled for April 10...

Read the whole story and see if you can stop yourself from shaking your head slowly, side to side.

And what’s the saddest part of this story? That the parents in this school district are not demanding the resignation of a spineless, amoral dimwit who holds such sway over their children’s education and character development.


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Good post. This would be an interesting story to follow up on the developements.


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