Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take a look at our future
Police, Jobs Law Protesters Clash in Paris

PARIS - Demonstrators opposed to a new jobs law swarmed parts of downtown Paris on Tuesday, throwing stones, tearing down street signs and ripping up park benches. Riot police, firing tear gas canisters and making several charges, carried away protesters in handcuffs…
Examine the photos accompany the article. If you believe the people in the photographs are students, then you probably believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy as well.

France has 6 million unassimilated Muslim immigrants living at poverty levels in lawless state-financed enclaves. Sound familiar?

The United States has 12 million illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes but drain taxpayer funded social service and education coffers. Now, believing they have reached critical mass, they are organizing, marching, waving Mexican flags, defiling the American flag, and carrying banners like this one:

Look closely at that sign, it wasn’t ginned up in someone’s kitchen, it was mass produced and handed out to the ‘undocumented immigrants’.

And here’s a surprise, the LA Times, among other MSM papers, is trying to hide what’s really happening during these ‘marches’.

This has nothing to do will civil rights and everything to do with abdicating our sovereignty. That we don’t call what’s happening an alien invasion is a testament to our having become blissfully ignorant and indolent about maintaining our freedoms and way of life.


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