Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We can’t live on $126,000 a year
Delta Pilots Vote to Authorize Strike

ATLANTA (AP) -- Delta Air Lines Inc. pilots, angered by management's effort to throw out their contract and impose deep pay cuts, voted by a wide margin to authorize a strike, union leaders said Tuesday.

The 94.7 percent vote in favor of authorizing a strike gives union leaders the authority to set a strike date. They didn't set a date immediately and gave no indication when they might act…

The nation's third largest carrier, which is operating under bankruptcy protection, has said a strike would put it out of business.

Any strike would likely prompt a court challenge by the company, which would almost certainly seek a restraining order. [Chairman of the union's executive committee, Lee] Moak said in an interview the union will "do what is legal."…

The company says the average earnings of pilots last year who worked the full year was more than $157,000. The union says line pilots made on average $151,000 last year. Both the union figure and company figure exclude management pilots, though the union figure also excludes instructor pilots and certain other pilots. [Ed. - If you split the difference, a Delta pilot makes, on average, $154,000. An 18% wage reduction would make the average salary $126,000. Of course, if the Delta folds, the average pilot salary will be $0.00]


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