Friday, May 19, 2006

Beating a dead Hoffa
Source of new Hoffa lead passed lie detector
FBI searches Michigan farm after ailing inmate recalls suspicious gathering

MILFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The informant who is spurring the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains is an ailing prison inmate who recently passed a polygraph exam in the probe, says a government investigator who is familiar with the FBI operation in Michigan.

The informant, Donovan Wells, 75, remembers “suspicious activity” on what is now called Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford Township, Mich., at the time Hoffa disappeared, the investigator said Friday.

The investigator spoke on condition of anonymity because some of the information he was relating comes from records that have been ordered sealed by a federal judge. Among them is an FBI affidavit detailing the basis for the search warrant used to dig up the ground on the horse farm…
Let’s spend taxpayer money and divert FBI resources to see if we can find the 30-year-old remains of a corrupt union boss who was very likely whacked by one or more Mafia sociopaths.

Seems reasonable to me.


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