Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Become a citizen?! What a quaint idea.
Who needs it unless they could make me go back to where I came from?
More Legal Immigrants Seek Citizenship

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Juana Elba Benitez is studying for the U.S. citizenship test she failed eight years ago - an exam the 75-year-old native of El Salvador swore she would never take again.

Then she learned that Congress was debating a crackdown on illegal immigrants, and Benitez worried that legal residents like her might be next. So she is memorizing the first 13 states and who said "Give me liberty or give me death," all to be able to vote.

"Every day the laws are getting more rigid," says Benitez, poring over an American history study guide alongside about 40 students at a social services center for Hispanic immigrants. "I'm afraid that one day they might say, `A green card isn't good enough. Whoever isn't a citizen is out of here.'"…

Heaven forbid that Señorita Benitez would actually spend the time to learn about the country that provides her with liberty, freedom, and opportunity - and most likely Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Will the indignities she's subjected to never cease?

And is the citizenship exam a brain buster? Not so much. Sadly, the nation's indolent green card holders would probably outscore most of the students currently graduating from America’s public highs schools.


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