Friday, May 12, 2006

Gays “R” Us
Inappropriate' Art Exhibit Finds New Home

NEW YORK (AP) -- A Brooklyn College art exhibit that was shut down by parks officials shortly after it opened at a public war memorial will reopen at a new location, the school said Thursday.

The student artists agreed to reopen the show, which features watercolor paintings of gay sex, in retail space donated by a Brooklyn developer if the school upholds a verbal agreement to provide logistical and financial support for it, artist Marni Kotak said. [Ed. – Kotak’s biography is here, her ‘Statement’ is here]

The college said the exhibit would run between May 24 and June 16…

The students still plan to file a freedom-of-speech lawsuit against the city, the Department of Parks & Recreation and the college, Kotak said…
I wasn’t able to find the name of the developer or the retail space’s location but one has to wonder how foot traffic for those lucky businesses that will neighbor the ‘exhibit’ will be affected.


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