Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Life imitating a dumb joke

An out-of-state SUV, traveling at the speed limit on a rural interstate, hits a bull elk. The impact with the 1000 pound animal immediately pops out the SUV’s windshield and the driver, who was not wearing his seat belt, is launched out over the steering wheel on an arc that deposits him in a deep pond about 20 yards off the highway. Miraculously, the soaked driver is unhurt, save a few minor cuts and bruises. The elk, however, is dead. A young sheriff’s deputy, out on patrol, comes upon the accident almost immediately. The deputy, who doesn’t much like people who “aren’t from around these parts” surveys the scene and writes two citations: one for leaving the scene of an accident and the other for hunting without a license.
Woman Shoots Gator That Attacks Her Dog

BRADENTON, Fla. (AP) -- A woman has shot an alligator that came into her home and attacked her dog.

The alligator was only 3 feet long, but Candy Frey wasn't taking any chances. When the reptile came into the lanai of her home east of Bradenton Saturday and attacked her golden retriever, Frey went and got her gun.

After Frey and her daughter managed to push the gator out of the lanai through the dog door, she blasted away at it four times.

"I was running on so much adrenaline," the 48-year-old former U.S. Marine aviation technician told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. "I just freaked out and shot him - boom, boom, boom, boom."

A neighbor called deputies and the state sent a wildlife officer to investigate.

The alligator barely bled from gunshots to the neck and shoulder, Frey said, and wildlife officer put it back in the lake.

The deputy gave Frey a warning citation for hunting without a license.

Alligators have been blamed for three fatal attacks in the span of a week in other parts of Florida.


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