Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Poseurs honor fake POTUS at (where else?) the UN
Geena Davis Honored for Role As President

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- To the strains of "Hail to the Chief," actress Geena Davis accepted an award night for her television portrayal of the first woman president of the United States from an organization which is seeking to turn fiction into reality.

When the star of the ABC television show "Commander in Chief" got to the podium Tuesday, she was given a red, white and blue sash to put on over her gown, similar to one worn by Chile's first woman president, Michelle Bachelet. "This is the coolest thing I ever got! Wow I love it!," she said…

The award was presented by The White House Project, a non-profit organization which works to promote women's voting, political participation and leadership, with a goal of putting a woman in the White House….

But "if elected to another season - un term," Davis said to more laughter, "... whatever I can do to make change happen quicker in the fake world, I promise to do."…
It would appear the “voters” have, in fact, spoken (see below). As I indicated in an earlier post, Davis’ POTUS has boarded Air Force Bye-Bye.
Recall Election: ABC Yanks Its 'Commander in Chief'

Prince George's County won't have "Commander in Chief" to be kicked around by anymore.

Just days after county bigwigs went thermonuclear over an episode in which faux POTUS Geena Davis sends in the troops to quell crime in the county (she was also seen in front of a restaurant advertising sweet potato pie, pork chops and chitlins), ABC quietly pulled the plug on the White House drama for the rest of the season. While county big cheeses no doubt wish they could claim embarrassment caused ABC's decision, honestly, the series was done in by ABC's very tight race with Fox to finish the season in first place among young viewers…

"Commander in Chief." Behind-camera discombobulation has done in the most promising new series of this television season. Once the most watched new series in the prime-time firmament -- a hefty crowd of more than 16 million saw the debut -- behind-camera problems caused ABC to yank the show for long periods, during which young viewers found other viewing habits. Last week, "CiC" clocked just 6.5 million viewers in its Thursday time slot, and a disappointing 1.8 percent of viewers in the golden 18-to-49 age bracket...

Behind-camera discombobulation? Davis’ perpetual vapid deer-caught-in-headlights facial expression, inane scripts, and the portrayal of various Republican leaders as myriad incarnations of Snidely Whiplash might also have had something to do with the series’ demise.


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