Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Profanity in every speech and a nudie in every session

I’m not sure that beats ‘a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage’, but it’s still an attention-getting campaign slogan.
House hopeful tells the truth
Blanton, a therapist, reveals to Democrats his naked workshops

Democrats in the 7th Congressional District will have to decide whether the naked truth is the best policy in a political campaign.
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Brad Blanton has written to Democratic leaders in the sprawling district that he runs honesty workshops where people get naked and talk about their sexual histories.

Figuratively baring all in his letter, Blanton said there might be some who believe "I could be an embarrassment to the party."

Democrats in the district will meet in a convention Saturday to decide whether to nominate Blanton or to choose not to have a candidate…

"People are concerned because I have run workshop groups involving nudity, used profanity in my books, have a comedy routine about establishing a new religion, 'Futilitarianism,' and have been arrested a number of times," Blanton wrote in a letter to district leaders…

Blanton, a psychotherapist who lives in Page County, said he has been arrested several times for his participation in the civil-rights movement and anti-war protests.

As part of his work to bring out the truth in people, Blanton runs eight-day workshops called "The Course in Honesty." At $2,400 per person, a maximum of 16 people spend 81⁄2 days together, "Telling the truth to each other," he explained. About five days into the workshop, "We all take off our clothes, stand up in front of the camera and the other naked people and talk about what we like and what we dislike or are ashamed of about our bodies. This is also videotaped. Then we tell the story of our sexual history."

The videotape is then erased… [Ed. – Two questions: If you’re going to erase the tape, why make it? Who does the erasing? (my guess is that it's not one of Blanton’s patients)]

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