Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some rules to live by
  • When someone is shooting at you, take cover.
  • Don’t stick your finger into a light socket.
  • Keep your eyes open while driving a car.
  • Take your clothes off before ironing them.
  • Never break a Ten with two Twenties.
  • When a hurricane approaches, close the hotel and evacuate.
New Orleans Hotels to Close in Hurricanes

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- This hurricane season, don't count on the city's hotels for "vertical evacuation" when a major storm makes a beeline for New Orleans.

The hotels, often used as a hurricane haven in the past, will be banning guests and employees from riding out the largest storms, said Bill Langkopp, executive vice president of The Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association.

"Bringing people into a hotel for safe harbor was OK pre-Katrina. It is no longer acceptable post-Katrina," said Langkopp, whose group surveyed its members on their storm plans.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on Aug. 29 and swamped the city, thousands of hotel guests ended up stranded for days in miserable and dangerous conditions.

"I don't know of any hotel that intends to do vertical evacuation this year," Langkopp said. "Our thrust will be to get the visitors out."...


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