Monday, May 15, 2006

Upon further review

Hypothetically speaking: Suppose there is a person who has just finished leading a prestigious college, one steeped in tradition with a long history of attracting the nation's best and brightest to its hallowed halls. How much would you have to pay this person to spend his later years managing a university where half the incoming freshmen class requires remedial courses in English and math?

More than $400,000, it would seem.
PRESIDENTIAL SEARCH: General does about-face
West Point superintendent says no to UNLV position

The three-star general has decided he doesn't want to take command of UNLV after all.

The UNLV presidential search committee's six regents unanimously recommended Lt. Gen. Bill Lennox last week, and he was set to be appointed Wednesday as the new president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, but Lennox withdrew from consideration on Saturday.

Reached at his New York home Sunday night, Lennox issued a statement but refused to answer questions.

"I'm withdrawing my name from consideration of the presidency of UNLV, and I'm doing this for personal reasons. The community and all at the university have been superb. I view UNLV as a great university on the rise, and wish them the best of luck," said Lennox, who is superintendent at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

The six regents on the UNLV presidential search committee selected Lennox as the best of three finalists. Lennox was not the choice of the UNLV faculty senate or an advisory committee of faculty, administrators and donors, however... [Ed. - Hey, who wants to work for a boss who expects results?]

Lawmakers talk about college remedial courses
Reasons for funding UNLV, UNR programs discussed

March 03, 2005

CARSON CITY -- The state will stop paying for remedial courses at universities by the 2006 school year, so legislators on Wednesday wanted to know why the schools want to keep the funding for the classes.

About 40 percent of recent Nevada high school graduates entering the University and Community College of Nevada needed remedial education in summer and fall 2004, according to a recent system report.

About 920 of the 2,024 entering freshman at UNLV and 114 of the 372 entering freshman at UNR weren't ready to go straight into college-level math or English classes or both…


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