Monday, June 05, 2006

Associated Press: The ‘undocumented immigrant/worker’ pretense isn’t working…
Time to trot out the race card.
Immigration Debate Stirs Racial Tensions

AP National Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- As the fight over immigration reform drags on, an ominous undercurrent to the debate - racism - is becoming more pronounced.

From muttered ethnic slurs to violent attacks, activists say an anti-immigrant backlash seems to be growing in America's neighborhoods and workplaces. A few political leaders have called proposed immigration measures before Congress "racist."

"The climate has gotten demonstrably worse and it is racially charged," said Devin Burghart of the Center for New Community, which tracks anti-immigrant activity. "It's not simply a debate about immigration policy. ... It's about race and national identity and who and what we are as Americans."

Some activists say the House of Representatives started it…

Read the rest and learn how shinning a bright light on a vast criminal enterprise that undercuts American’s law-abiding workforce, sabotages our being a nation of laws, and subverts our sovereignty is racist.


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