Monday, June 26, 2006

Bawbawa Wawa and Siwius to air retweads
Barbara Walters Joins Sirius Radio

NEW YORK (AP) -- Whenever he sees Barbara Walters, George Clooney mentions how he's still paying for telling her in an interview that he was never going to marry again.

Future Clooney dates will have an opportunity to revisit that talk, and hundreds of other interviews Walters has conducted for ABC News specials over the past three decades, due to a deal announced Monday with Sirius Satellite Radio.

Sirius will air a weekly two-hour series, starting next year, that replays many of the interviews Walters has conducted since joining ABC in 1976. About four interviews will be featured in each program, with new introductions by Walters to place them into the context of the time.

"It is a wonderful way for them to be heard," Walters told The Associated Press. "So many of them are classics. It is everything from Lucille Ball and John Wayne and Bing Crosby and George Burns to Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts."…

Doing radio, she said, has always intrigued her. Don't look for Walters, 74, to be spinning the hits, though...

And since it’s radio, there’ll be no need to cover a camera lens with gauze for Ms. Walters’ closeups.


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