Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Better make it an even 1,000 feet

Two Aussie johns are passing each other on the walkway leading to a brothel.

Exiting john: “Don’t waste your time, Mate.”

Arriving john: “Sorry, how’s that?”

Exiting john: “The Sheilas in there are spooky. They might as well be corpses.”

Mayor Wants Brothels Kept From Cemeteries

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Brothels and cemeteries don't mix and should remain at least 660 feet apart, a local government official said Tuesday.

Paul Pisasale, the mayor of Queensland state town of Ipswich, is part of a movement being led by the Urban Local Government Association to prevent brothels from being built near cemeteries. Prostitution is legal in Australia in limited circumstances.

"There's a lot of families and services that are going on and the last thing you want is someone conducting a spiritual service and a cemetery reflection time for family and a brothel going on next door," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio on Tuesday.

"It's totally inappropriate. There's a place for brothels and a place for cemeteries and we don't believe the two mix."


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