Friday, June 23, 2006

Bias so transparent as to be asinine

UPI takes a page from the AP playbook.

Question: What’s the surest indicator that a political corruption scandal involves a Democrat? Answer: The MSM report on said scandal makes no mention of the party affiliation of the politician(s) involved.
San Jose mayor accused of misconduct

San Jose, Jun. 23 (UPI) — Ron Gonzales is the first San Jose, Calif., mayor arrested for alleged misconduct in office after an obscure garbage contract became a major scandal.

Gonzales was accused in a grand jury indictment of accepting a bribe as part of a conspiracy to help Norcal Waste Systems win a lucrative trash hauling contract.

The indictment does not say whether the mayor allegedly received any money or favors from Norcal, the San Jose Mercury News said.

Also named was the mayor's chief budget aide, Joe Guerra. They were released on $50,000 bail.

I wonder if the Democratic Leadership Council will continue to promote Gonzales’ San Jose: State of the City Address speech which failed to mention bribe-taking in the “to-do” list the mayor touted in his oration.


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