Tuesday, June 27, 2006

chutz·pah /'hut-sp&/ n: supreme self-confidence : NERVE, GALL, see EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS
European rights court agrees to hear Tareq Aziz case: lawyer

AMMAN (AFP) - A lawyer for former Iraqi deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz, in US custody in Baghdad, said the European Court of Human Rights had conditionally agreed to hear a plea over fears Aziz might be handed over to the Iraqi government.

Italian lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano said the court had first said it wanted to know to whom it was that Aziz had surrendered in April 2003, shortly after the fall of the former regime, by whom and where had he been held since then and at what date they proposed transferring custody.

Di Stefano and fellow Italian lawyer Domenico Marinelli said in a statement on Monday that the safety of their client and other detainees from the former Iraqi regime could be at risk if they were transferred to Iraqi custody…

"Since physical custody is about to be be transferred to the Iraqi government of all detainees my concern is that Tareq Aziz will be punished by the Iraqi government well outside any judicial process," Di Stefano wrote…

The European Court of Human Rights claiming jurisdiction and ‘presiding’ over this case is akin to an old toothless woman attempting to eat an uncooked ear of corn, except that the old woman has every right to try.


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