Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The death rate within the invading horde of illegal aliens has increased.

That’s my headline. The Washington Post went with An Increasingly Deadly Trail - Tighter Border Has Illegal Immigrants Risking More Perilous Routes

I’m not sure that Washington Post staff writer John Pomfret picked the best subject for his heart wrenching tale of the plight of “undocumented immigrants.” The distraught mother in the story would seem to be the poster girl for what sociologists vacuously call ‘at risk behavior’.
COVERED WELLS, Ariz. -- It was early on a May morning, still dark, when Border Patrol agent Dan McClafferty first smelled death, its rich odor piercing the desert bouquet of sage, salt cedar and creosote. Following the beam of his flashlight, McClafferty looked under the thorny branches of a paloverde tree and found what he was looking for.

The body of the 3-year-old boy lay still, covered with a jacket and his arms crossed over his chest. His mother, found wandering along a desert highway hours earlier, had carried him there as she had tried to cross into the United States illegally... [Ed. – Further into the article we learn that mother and son were hopped up on Sedalmerk a combination of caffeine, Tylenol and the herbal supplement ephedra -- an amphetamine precursor that is banned in the United States that their coyote gave them].

The article eventually comes to the motivation for Edith Rodreguez’s (the mother) trip.
Like many who cross the border illegally, Rodreguez had been in the United States before. She worked menial jobs in Kentucky, where she met a man who apparently was married. The two had a relationship and Rodreguez got pregnant, Ramos Cardoso said. She decided to have the baby in Veracruz so her mother could help her. Returning to Mexico to have a baby was an unusual decision -- many Mexican women make the reverse trip, traveling to the United States to have their babies so their children will be U.S. citizens.

Earlier this year, Rodreguez decided to return to the United States to show the boy to his father, Ramos Cardoso said. She traveled to Sasabe, joined the coyote's group and walked across the border...
The article also brings us the Rev. John Fife, founder of No More Deaths , whose position is that ‘migrants’ are dying on the Arizona – Mexico border because of US government policy(i.e., enforcing our national borders). He makes no mention of the fact that the aliens who died had free will (a tenet of Christianity) and they chose an illegal clandestine nighttime entry across a desert.

A cursory glance of the No More Deaths’ website indicates that all money and material donations to the group will be used to give aid and comfort to aliens as they illegally enter the United States. It appears none of the money or volunteer efforts will be used to forestall such entry, which would take the ‘migrants’ out of harm’s way.


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