Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dick Marty enters his swaybacked horse in the anti-U.S. race, yet again

In an effort keep himself busy at the near useless Council of Europe (which is responsible for overseeing the European Court of Human Rights), it appears Marty intends to trot out this nag every six months (see below).
Probe of CIA prisons implicates EU nations

June 7, 2006

PARIS - Fourteen European nations colluded with U.S. intelligence in a "spider's web" of secret flights and detention centers that violated international human rights law, the head of an investigation into alleged

Swiss senator Dick Marty said the nations aided the movement of 17 detainees who said they had been abducted by U.S. agents and secretly transferred to detention centers around the world.

Some said they were transferred to the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and others to alleged secret facilities in countries including Poland, Romania, Egypt and Jordan. Some said they were mistreated or tortured.

"I have chosen to adopt the metaphor of a global spider's web, a web that has been spun out incrementally over several years using tactics and techniques that had to be developed in response to new threats of war," Marty said.

Marty provided no direct evidence but charged that most European governments "did not seem particularly eager to establish" the facts.

"Even if proof, in the classical meaning of the term, is not as yet available, a number of coherent and converging elements indicate that such secret detention centers did indeed exist in Europe," he wrote, saying this warranted further investigation...

In January 2006, when Marty last peddled his story, the European press obliged him with breathless reports like EU states have 'collaborated' with CIA, finds investigator


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