Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hey, as long as we’re speculating - Rove could be an extraterrestrial or maybe the Easter Bunny

Apparently, the Associated Press is crushed that Rove won't be charged in CIA leak case. Nevertheless, the AP’s Toni Locy holds out hope against hope that Rove will be “grilled in court as a witness.” Can’t you just picture Locy thinking, “Please, please. Oh, pleeease let that happen” as she typed out this ‘news’ article.
WASHINGTON - Presidential adviser Karl Rove won't be a criminal defendant in the CIA leak case, but he could still end up being grilled in court as a witness.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald could question Rove about whether the Bush administration compromised a CIA officer's identity to retaliate against a political critic.

Still, Rove and the White House could breathe a sigh of relief Tuesday after the prosecutor told Rove's lawyer he wouldn't seek a federal indictment against the political operative.

Rove has been identified as a likely defense witness in next year's trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff. Libby has been charged with lying to the FBI and a federal grand jury about how he learned about Valerie Plame's CIA status and what he told reporters about it.

If Libby's defense attorneys summon Rove to testify, Fitzgerald can cross-examine him about a host of issues, including a July 2003 conversation Rove had with syndicated columnist Robert Novak days before Novak published Plame's name…
Read the rest of her piece if you enjoy conjecture and hearsay masquerading as objective reporting.


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