Thursday, June 22, 2006

The magical mystery tour is waiting to take her away
CBS to Send Couric on Tour to Meet Viewers

NEW YORK (AP) -- CBS said Thursday it is sending incoming evening-news anchor Katie Couric on a tour of several cities to meet informally with viewers this summer and hear what they're interested in seeing on the news.

One "town hall forum" is set for July 13 in Denver. Another meeting is planned for San Diego; CBS is not identifying other cities because plans are still in the works…

"It's an attempt to hear from regular folks on a whole broad range of things that will help us make decisions on how we can better serve our viewers," said Rome Hartman, executive producer of the "CBS Evening News."… [Ed. – Who knows, somewhere in the American netherworld (i.e., not Manhattan), among the great sea of unwashed “regular folks,” Katie could run across an idiot savant newscast producer]

The meetings will not be filmed and reporters won't be allowed in to cover them, Hartman said. Denver CBS affiliate KCNC-TV, in a news release issued Wednesday, invited people to fill out a questionnaire if they are interested in participating. One hundred people representing a cross section of the community will be invited, the affiliate said.

"People are not performing for us," Hartman said. "This was Katie's idea to have a really honest, informal dialogue."

Couric will also participate in a charity fundraiser in each city she visits. In Denver, it will be a luncheon benefiting the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center Foundation…

Couric is also embarking on a campaign of sorts. The "CBS Evening News" has long been in last place behind NBC and ABC in the ratings, and part of her job will be convincing people to give her broadcast a try…


Blogger PCD said...

How much you want to bet informed conservatives need not apply to be at this meeting?

6/23/2006 8:24 AM  

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