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Hamas: Give us a moment while we paint bull’s-eyes on our foreheads
Hamas Says It Will Not Change

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Following their resounding election victory, the Islamic militants of Hamas met the question of whether they will change their stripes with a loud "no": no recognition of Israel, no negotiations, no renunciation of terror…

Israel and the international community repeatedly have demanded that the Palestinian government disarm militias, but now that the main militia appears to have become the government, no one knows what will happen to its weapons…
Oops, I think Hamas found a place for those weapons.
Hamas Suggests Using Militants in Army

RAMALLAH, West Bank - The leader of Hamas suggested Saturday that the Islamic group could create a Palestinian army that would include its militant wing — responsible for scores of deadly attacks on Israelis — in the aftermath of its crushing victory in parliamentary elections.

Israeli officials condemned the plan, demanding that Hamas renounce violence. Palestinian security officers, including loyalists from the defeated Fatah Party, said they would never submit to Hamas control.

"Hamas has no power to meddle with the security forces," said Jibril Rajoub, a Palestinian strongman. [Ed. – What planet are you living on, Jibril? Hamas controls your law making body, Sparky.]
Think about it. The Israelis, whose military, pound for pound, is one of the most effective and lethal fighting forces in the world, has pulled all its troops and people out of Gaza after having built an actual wall between itself and Gaza. The people on the other side of the wall have just freely elected terrorists to lead them. And those terrorists, i.e., the new Palestinian government, have reaffirmed the goal of eliminating Israel using force, to include terrorism. Further they intend to form a Palestinian Army incorporating their murderous militia.

Consequently, terrorism flowing from Gaza and directed at Israel becomes an overt state-sponsored act of war.

Should they act on their desire for conquest, the Palestinian nutters become a Middle Eastern version of Nazi Germany’s madmen but without the underlying organization and resources. It is not improbable that if the Palestinians initiate another round of suicide bombings and rocket attacks, Israel will turn large chunks of Gaza into parking areas.

Experts: Oprah Sought to Protect Brand

Analysts say that when Winfrey confronted disgraced author James Frey on her show Thursday, her motive wasn't only about bringing the truth to light, it was about protecting that brand.

"She did it textbook correct in terms of how to handle crisis PR," said marketing strategist Laura Ries, president of Ries & Ries in Atlanta. "It was honest, it was real, and it was just the right thing to do for her brand as well…" [Ed. – Laura left out, “Oh Ma Gawd, totally”]

Earlier this month, The Smoking Gun challenged some of the facts in the book, including Frey's claim that he once did a three-month stint in prison. Frey admitted on Oprah's show Thursday that he had spent only a few hours in jail.

Winfrey's scolding of Frey came just two weeks after she called in to defend him when he appeared on CNN's "Larry King Live" show.

"I regret that phone call," Winfrey said Thursday. [Ed. – no kidding, really?]

One question unanswered

Beginning with calling the student’s actions a ‘parody’ in both the headline and body of the article, Paula Reed Ward, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter for the article excerpted below, subtly pushes the case that the ACLU may have it right in saying the school system has overreacted and had no real basis to act as it did. She ends Punished for parody, student sues school with:
"Is it offensive? Probably. Is it likely to make the principal feel bad? Probably," [the student’s lawyer] said. "But it's done in his own home, and the school has no business, or no authority to punish the student for this."
If that is the ACLU’s foundation for its legal action, I have one question: How did people in the school, i.e., the students, faculty and staff, become aware of student Justin Layshock's posting on the Web site, Was it random chance or was it Layshock spreading the word. If it was the latter, then the ACLU’s contention falls flat, as he consciously and purposely brought it to school.

Punished for parody, student sues school
The First Amendment protects posting about principal, ACLU claims

A high school senior from Hermitage who was suspended and moved to an Alternative Education Program for creating an online parody of his principal has filed a federal lawsuit against the district.

The suit was filed yesterday by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Justin Layshock, 17, a student at Hickory High School. It claims that the Internet posting is protected under the First Amendment and asks that Justin be reinstated to his classes and that any mention of the incident be removed from his school records…

"I can't figure out what these folks are thinking," said Justin's lawyer, Witold Walczak, legal director for the ACLU of Pennsylvania…

Justin, who maintains a 3.3 grade point average and is enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, created a profile Dec. 10 of his high-school principal, Eric W. Trosch, on the Web site,

The site asks various questions to include in the profile, such as fears, weaknesses, favorite pizza and bedtime. In the profile Justin created for Mr. Trosch, he answered the questions with "variations of the theme 'big,' since Mr. Trosch is a large man," the lawsuit said. He also posted a photograph of Mr. Trosch that he copied from the school's Web site.

Some of the answers Justin posted included vulgarities, and for the question "what did you do on your last birthday?" he wrote, "too drunk to remember."

"It's all fat jokes," Mr. Walczak said. "Not to excuse it, but school officials need to understand that they're not parents. School officials can't reach into parents' homes and tell them how to raise their kids."

Justin created the profile from a computer at his grandmother's home, and he never accessed it from school, according to the lawsuit. Mr. Walczak contends that the profile contained no threats or obscenity, as defined by the law.

Three days after he posted the profile, Justin tried to remove it, Mr. Walczak said, but it had already been pulled from the site…

… Justin both went to Mr. Trosch and sent him a letter of apology. He thought, Mr. Walczak said, that his apology had been accepted and the matter was finished. But on Jan. 3, Justin and his father, Donald Layshock, were called to the Hermitage police department and told that Mr. Trosch had asked that harassment charges be filed against Justin.

The officer said he would not file charges unless directed by his superiors. None have been filed.

On Jan. 6, a hearing was held by the school to consider disciplinary action against Justin on charges of disrespect; harassment; gross misbehavior; obscene, vulgar and profane language; and for violating the school's computer policy for using a picture without permission.

At that hearing, the school gave Justin a 10-day, out-of-school suspension and ordered him to finish high school in the Alternative Education Program. He has been told he cannot go to any of his regular classes.

The administration also banned Justin from participating in any school events, including the French tutoring he did for middle school students and attending his own graduation in the spring.

On Jan. 11, Justin's parents went to Mr. Gill and asked if Justin could serve a different punishment, such as community service or extra tutoring, but their request was denied.

"They're interfering in this kid's education. He's stuck in a room in the basement of the school," Mr. Walczak said…

He applied to Penn State University for college next fall, and he received a letter on Wednesday, telling him that a "registration hold," was placed on his application due to a "dismissal/suspension from Hickory High School."

"Is it offensive? Probably. Is it likely to make the principal feel bad? Probably," Mr. Walczak said. "But it's done in his own home, and the school has no business, or no authority to punish the student for this."
I think the suspension and noting it in Layshock’s official record is justified. But moving him into the Alternative Education Program and barring him from school activities was vindictive and stupid. And it is the fodder the ACLU will use to get a sympathetic judge and/or jury to look past the offense.

If the school principal, Eric Trosch, believes his reputation has actually been damaged by Justin Layshock’s statements then Mr. Trosch has the right to sue the student and his parent’s for slander.

The administration of school policy is not supposed to be used as a cudgel.

Note to Brandon: Maryland has the death penalty, and they use it.
Guard Shot by Inmate During Escape Dies

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) -- A corrections officer who was shot in the face by a hospitalized inmate during an escape attempt has died of his injuries, officials said Saturday.

Jeffery Alan Wroten, 44, was shot early Thursday while guarding inmate Brandon Morris, who had been taken to Washington County Hospital the day before after complaining of undisclosed medical problems.

Morris somehow grabbed the officer's gun and shot him as they struggled inside the hospital room, said corrections commissioner Frank C. Sizer Jr., who announced the Wroten's death.

No one else in the hospital was injured, but the 20-year-old inmate escaped and forced a taxi driver at gunpoint to drive north, Sizer said. The taxi crashed about five miles away, and Morris escaped on foot but was quickly captured...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Dianne dipsy-doodles

First she’s against it, then she’s for it – a filibuster that is.

Washington, DC Friday– U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today announced that she will vote no on cloture regarding the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
Why the change of heart?

Was it John Kerry’s lobbying from Davos on the 26th?
Sources close to Kerry, who lost to Bush in the 2004 race, told CNN that the senator was calling colleagues from Switzerland, where he was attending the World Economic Forum. He announced his decision to support a filibuster Wednesday at a meeting of his Democratic colleagues.
Not so much.

It seems Cindy Sheehan, down Venezuela way, issued an ultimatum. Little Green Footballs has the particulars in Mama Moonbat for Senate

But Kerry shouldn’t be disheartened, some people hang on his every word.
Bob Schieffer: Osama bin Laden Used John Kerry's Talking Points

9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden may have borrowed some of Sen. John Kerry's talking points for the audiotaped message he released on Thursday - veteran CBS newsman Bob Schieffer said Saturday.

Asked whether bin Laden had expressed "almost the same" sentiments that Kerry did during an appearance on Schieffer's "Face the Nation" broadcast in December, the CBS anchorman told WABC Radio's Mark Simone: "Well, he did. That's exactly right."

Congratulating yourself into oblivion

The AP’s Zoe Mezin provides Amour Rules in France but Weddings Don't. A rambling report on the “progressive” lifestyles in France, which highlights the country’s “baby boom.”

Only one problem, her “boom” is just the opposite. At a rate of 1.94 children born per woman, France’s population will decline (see below). Mezin is not alone, Paris Match seems equally clueless.
PARIS (AP) -- France may still be the land of love. But the country's traditional tableau of marriage and the baby carriage has changed dramatically in three decades, according to a parliamentary report released Friday.

Nearly half of children are now born out of wedlock, and the marriage rate is down 27 percent compared to 1970 - prompting calls for reform of France's widely used civil unions.

And yet, there's a baby boom. With 1.94 children born to the average woman, France has the highest birth rate in the European Union after Ireland's 1.99, according to 2005 demographic figures released last week. The European average is 1.5 babies per woman.

The glossy French magazine Paris Match devoted its cover this week to the high birth rate, with a photo of French actress Judith Godreche ("The Spanish Apartment") holding her diaper-clad baby under the headline "France, champion of births."

Sub-replacement fertility is a fertility rate that is not high enough to replace an area's population. In industrialized countries with low child mortality, sub-replacement fertility is below approximately 2.1 children per woman's life time. 2.1 children per woman includes 2 children to replace the parents, with one-tenth of a child extra to make up for the mortality of children who do not reach the age of 15, which is the defined age when the fertility rate is calculated.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jimmy’s been chugging peanut oil again
Carter calls for funding Palestinians

[Former US President Jimmy] Carter, who led an 85-member international observer team from around the world organized by the 'National Democratic Institute' in partnership with 'The Carter Center,' urged the international community to directly or indirectly fund the new Palestinian Government even though it will be led by an internationally-declared foreign terror organization…

"The Palestinian Government is destitute, and in desperate financial straits. I hope that support for the new government will be forthcoming," Carter said at a Jerusalem press conference…
And yet Carter was strangely silent about Arafat's billions, his widow's money-laundering, and her scheme to get her hands on the billions.

These guys are standing waaaay too close to the uranium
Iran proposes resuming direct U.S. flights

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's Civil Aviation Organization said Thursday it has proposed resuming direct flights between Iran and the United States after more than 25 years, despite political hostilities between the two countries.

Raza Jafarzadeh, a spokesman for the aviation organization, said Iranians living in the United States had asked for the flights when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited New York to attend a U.N. meeting in September, and the Iranian leader directed the organization to consider the request.

"On Wednesday, we sent a letter to the head of the civil aviation in the United States declaring our readiness" to resume direct flights, Jafarzadeh said...

Iran and the United States severed air links when Washington broke relations in 1979 after Iranian militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held the occupants hostage.

Iran's proposal comes amid an international impasse over a U.S.-backed push to bring the Islamic country before the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear program. The United States suspects Iran is trying to develop atomic weapons, a claim Tehran denies…

OMG, if I’ve lost Couric, I’ve lost… my job

Couric Hands Howie the Crazy Uncle Treatment; Dean Does it for the Children

Michelle Malkin has some video.

Okay, Your Honor, let’s try:
See Jane. See Dick. See Jane’s gun. See Jane shoot the gun at Dick.

Legal grammar stymies judge

Albuquerque, Jan. 26 (UPI) — A New Mexico judge has dismissed two of 26 criminal extortion charges against a former state treasurer because the grammar in the indictment was too confusing…

University of New Mexico Associate Professor Jerome Shea, who teaches writing and grammar, testified as an expert witness on Vigil's behalf, and drew a large diagram to explain what he described as a "complex" sentence…

It’s completely off the planet

I love the word ‘could’ in the headline and story below. I can just see the Associated Press editorial confab sitting around a table, nodding their heads, and saying, “It could happen.”
Cheney, Rumsfeld Could Testify in EU Probe

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- A European Parliament investigation into alleged CIA secret prisons could ask Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to testify, although it has no legal power to subpoena them, a member of the panel said Thursday.

"Very senior people" would be asked to answer the allegations of human rights violations on EU territory, said Sarah Ludford, vice president of an investigation into the alleged prisons being conducted by the parliament.

"I don't see why we should not invite Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney," Ludford said. "I'm sure they would be very welcome and they would be heard with great interest, or (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice perhaps, why not"…

"I would not be over optimistic, but I don't think it's completely off the planet to think that they might come to see us," she said…

A preliminary report by the Council of Europe, drafted by Swiss Sen. Dick Marty, accused European governments of turning a blind eye to breaches of human rights. His report however, failed to uncover tangible evidence proving clandestine detention centers existed in Romania or Poland as alleged by New York-based Human Rights Watch.

His interim report, based partly on results of national investigations and recent media reports [Ed. – 0% national investigation and 100% media reports], did not break new ground and largely repeated his previous claims that U.S. policies in the war on terror contravene international law on human rights.

Frey: The Devil made me do it
Oprah Challenges Author of Disputed Memoir

CHICAGO (AP) -- Oprah Winfrey challenged author James Frey over his disputed memoir, asking him on a live telecast of her show Thursday to explain why he "felt the need to lie."

"It is difficult for me to talk to you because I really feel duped ... but more importantly I feel that you betrayed millions of readers," Winfrey said to Frey, who wrote the hugely popular "A Million Little Pieces."

Frey's story of substance abuse and recovery became one of the best-selling books of 2005 after Winfrey named it to her book club last fall, with countless addicts citing it as inspiration. It was originally published in 2003.

The memoir began to unravel earlier this month when an investigative piece on The Smoking Gun Web site ( ) challenged some of the facts in the book, including Frey's assertion that he once spent three months in prison…

Frey acknowledged to King that he had embellished parts of the book, and he told Winfrey Thursday that the same demons that fueled his addictions caused him to mischaracterize himself

His publisher, Doubleday, said last week that Frey was writing a brief author's note for future editions of "A Million Little Pieces."

Presumably, the note will include a picture of Beelzebub menacing Frey.

Nicotine saves lives
Calif. Hostage Standoff Ends Peacefully

EXETER, Calif. (AP) -- A 10 1/2-hour bank siege ended early Thursday when police tricked the gunman by giving him cigarettes, then rescued his final hostage, who had been dragged back inside after an unsuccessful dash to safety.

The suspect, identified as 47-year-old Jess Martinez, was taken into custody, police said. The woman, the last of eight hostages held inside the bank, was unharmed, authorities said...

The suspect asked officers to leave a package of cigarettes at the bank door, Douglas said. When he sent the hostage to retrieve them, SWAT officers grabbed her and pulled her to safety, he said. Another group of officers burst into the bank and grabbed Martinez, who gave up without a struggle, he said.

Say the secret word and the duck will come down and give you $100
(Sh sh sh, today’s secret word is ‘Oprah’)

AP's “national writer” Hillel Italie (or the writer’s editor) wins the $100!!!

Curiously, Italie’s 720-word article entitled Author of Disputed Memoir to Go on Oprah never once mentions Oprah or her TV show anywhere in the article. [Ed. – I think the fix was in]


There is also the possibility that the AP intermingled its notes on ‘Disputed Memoirs'. Which is understandable, as they all look alike.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Irrational fuss over a putz

I don’t get it.

The right-of-center blogs are frazzled about Joel Stein’s piece Warriors and wusses which begins “I DON'T SUPPORT our troops.”

I guess most of these bloggers have not previously read any of Joel Stein’s work. That’s understandable, he’s a one-article-read, i.e., you read him once but never again. Heretofore, I couldn’t have imagined anyone saying, “Hey, did you see Stein’s piece in the Times today?”

But now people are.

The guy is a self-absorbed dolt with a sophomoric sense of humor. And, for denigrating the men and women in our military, the conservative blogosphere has just fulfilled his biggest fantasy: His ‘15 minutes’ of fame.

My grandmother had a more enlightented reaction to the likes of Stein. She'd say, "Just consider the source."

Blanco: So what if Louisianans are stupid and impatient? The American taxpayer must underwrite our dim-witted way of life. SO, WHERE'S OUR MONEY!
Blanco Says FEMA Rules Delay Rebuilding

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- The wait for federal standards for home building is hampering Louisiana's hurricane reconstruction efforts, Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Tuesday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is developing a new set of recommended standards for rebuilding in hurricane- and flood-prone areas. The guidelines will probably suggest that damaged homes be rebuilt at higher elevations and with further protections against flooding.

The ability of homeowners to keep or afford insurance may be linked to compliance, which also could drive up rebuilding costs. But the first new preliminary set of standards won't be out until March or April in New Orleans and several other areas, with the final guidelines not expected until August, Blanco's administration says.

The wait is stymieing people who want to rebuild in accord with the new standards so they can be eligible for assistance and get insurance [Ed. – insurance underwritten by the federal government, no commercial insurance company would broker it otherwise], Blanco said in an interview with The Associated Press…

Further, Donald Powell, President Bush's chief federal hurricane recovery adviser, has told Blanco the Bush administration would not support a home buyout bill that many in Louisiana see as crucial to post-hurricane rebuilding, the governor said. She worries that could hurt the bill's chances of passage in Congress.

The bill, sponsored by Louisiana Rep. Richard Baker, a Republican, would create a federal corporation that would borrow money to buy tracts of hurricane-damaged homes, repair them and resell them. Homeowners and lenders would get mortgage relief.
In other words: Yes, the homeowners knowingly bought/built in a flood/hurricane plain. Yes, they were grossly irresponsible in not buying homeowner’s insurance. Yes, a competent banker would never have offered these fools a mortgage. Yes, everyone involved was reckless but, hey, that’s why we have taxes.

Helen Thomas: I’m an obnoxious old fool, and I can prove it

The Political Teen has the video and a transcript.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stuffing Maryland ballot boxes with felons

Hey, if dead people and illegal aliens can vote why not convicted murderers, rapists and armed robbers.

Here’s some pertinent Maryland statistics (sources here, here, and here):
  • Percent of population that is black: 28% (nationally it’s 12%)
  • Percent of convicted violent felons (150,000) who are black: 57% (85,000)
  • Percent of voters registered as Democrats: 56%
  • Percent of voters registered as Republicans: 30%
  • In the last governor’s election 17% (166,318) of registered Democrats did not vote for the Democratic candidate (at least 154,722 of those Democrats voted for the Republican) and virtually all registered Republicans voted for the Republican candidate who won by 66,170 votes
  • In the 2004 Presidential election 89% of black voters voted for the Democrat (Kerry) in a state where 57% voted for Kerry (racial demographic statistics for 2002 governor’s election are not available)
A black Republican is going to run for the US Senate this year.

So the Democrats need to rustle up some hardcore Democratic voters. Thus we have:
Measure restores vote to all felons

ANNAPOLIS -- Democratic lawmakers, who have long pushed to restore voting rights to Maryland felons, say racial politics and election-year considerations make this the year they open the polls to every ex-convict.

"This law seriously disenfranchises a large number of African-Americans," said Delegate Salima Siler Marriott, a black Baltimore Democrat who is gathering sponsors for a voting-rights restoration bill she plans to submit.

"Their disenfranchisement impacts the power of African-Americans in this state," said Mrs. Marriott, whose bill would give all felons the vote immediately upon release from prison.

If Mrs. Marriott's bill succeeds this time -- it has died in committee the past three years -- an estimated 150,000 felons would be able to cast ballots in Maryland. About 85,000 of them are black and likely Democrats, according to Justice Maryland, a penal reform group that supports felon voting rights.

What the hell is a person’s gender ‘expression’?

Are these some examples?
  • I’m a female.
  • I could be a male.
  • I’m a female but I feel like a male.
  • I’m a male but I want to be a female.
  • I’m a female but I don’t want to be a male or a female, I want to be an it.
GLAAD Replies to Judges Comments on 'Idol'

NEW YORK (AP) -- Is "American Idol" homophobic? The Fox talent show elicited a response from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) after judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson made what the gay rights group deemed questionable comments on last week's premiere episode.

On Tuesday's show, seen by a Nielsen-chart topping 35.5 million viewers, Cowell told one male contestant to "wear a dress" and Jackson asked another, "are you a girl?"

"The real offense here was in the producer's decision to add insult to injury by turning a contestant's gender expression into the butt of a joke," said Damon Ramine, a spokesman for GLAAD, in a statement posted on the group's Web site.

Has this anything to do with being 'gender-neutral'?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Liberal theme park to close
NBC Cancels 'West Wing' After 7 Seasons

NBC announced the series' conclusion after seven seasons on Sunday. In the end, it fell victim to television's democratic process: sinking ratings, particularly after this season's move to Sunday nights...

Lawrence O'Donnell, a former Washington insider who is one of the show's executive producers, said he knew the show was making a cultural impact when he found politicians who rarely watch TV were fans. He found it a better place to debate issues than real political shows on TV, he said... [Ed. - click on his name to see O'Donnell debate an issue]

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Engaging our enemies overseas has prevented their attacking our homeland

Good thing, right?

Not so much if you’re the junior senator from Massachusetts.
“Yes, we have not been attacked here. Many people surmise that one of the reasons we haven't been attacked here is because they are being so successful at doing what they need to do to attack us in Iraq and elsewhere.”
Senator John Kerry (D-MA)
appearing on ABC’s This Week
January 22, 2006

Lest we forget, this man wanted to be (and still yearns to be) Commander-in-Chief

(Hat tip and see the video at

Hiding a spy in plain sight

Clever, these Chinese. Read Gov't Seeking to Deport Chinese Scholar and ask yourself this: What if she was a Chinese intelligence agent from the get-go?

If so, then everything makes sense.

And her fight against deportation? Simple:
[Gao Zhan] struck a plea bargain that resulted in a seven-month jail sentence, plus eight months in a halfway house. Her jail time was sharply reduced because prosecutors believed Gao had cooperated and provided useful information. [Ed. - I don't the Chinese will be thrilled with that]

As part of the plea bargain, the Justice Department recommended to the Department of Homeland Security that it not deport Gao after she served her sentence.

Normally, such recommendations carry great weight, but in this case Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are ignoring the recommendation and pushing for deportation.
Also read this story, U.S. activist admits illegally helping China, and then go back and read reporter Matthew Barakat’s characterization of events leading to Gao's 2003 guilty plea. Think today's article is just sloppy reporting or might AP have an agenda?

Barry’s next project: Build giant fans to blow exhaust fumes from the 101 toward West Hills
Calif. city bans most outdoor smoking

CALABASAS, Jan. 21 (UPI) — Officials in the small Southern California city of Calabasas are preparing to implement a ban on most outdoor smoking.

The proposed regulations ban smoking in outdoor areas where other people are present.

"Everything is forbidden here," Tal Genin, a smoker who moved to California from Israel four months ago, told the Los Angeles Times. "No skateboarding, no rollerblading; you can't swim in the lake. It's like 'The Truman Show': Everything looks really nice, but you can't live life."

Mayor Barry Groveman, a former environmental prosecutor, pushed for the law. He said it seems silly for the city to do its best to preserve green space and then allow smokers to foul it...

The 101 is about 250 yards from the Calabasas ‘center.’